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Hayden Lake | Coeur d’Alene Idaho | Fun Things To Do!


Hayden Lake, Idaho

In Kootenai County, Idaho, tucked into the Northern edge of  Coeur d`Alene, this suburb is a 14 minutes drive from Coeur d`Alene Lake. With picturesque sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and beautiful timber lining the shores, there is a reason this is one of the most sought-after lakes in Northwestern Idaho.

With 40 miles of shoreline, you can take your pick on where to set up your day at the lake.

Accessing Hayden Lake

If you want to take your boat out on the lake, make sure you take note of the three boat ramps.

The first can be found in Tobler's Marina, you can get a full service here including gas, rentals, and more. Next, we have the charming Honeysuckle beach where you can enjoy the roped-off swimming area around the dock, not to mention the public changing areas and fully functional bathrooms.

Finally, you can launch your boat from Sportmans park, which is located towards the northern end of the Lake. This ramp has some great campsites, and as a bonus provides is usually pretty slow so you should be able to get your boat in nice and easy without the hustle of some of the other ramps! 

What to do at Hayden Lake?


Hayden Lake Idaho Coeur d'Alene

While you visit Hayden Lake don’t miss the fishing where you can look forward to catching a wide range of great quality fish. In Hayden Lake, Idaho you can find;

  • Largemouth Bass
  • Smallmouth Bass
  • Black Crappie
  • Rainbow Trout
  • Cutthroat Trout
  • Bluegill
  • Pumpkinseed Sunfish
  • Yellow Perch
  • Kokanee Salmon
  • Northern Pike
  • The cutthroat trout, large and smallmouth bass are the most common species that you will catch here.


Hayden Lake Idaho Coeur d'Alene

While you are visiting Hayden Lake, Idaho, you could choose to stay in the nearby city, but if you are looking for a more authentic stay, visit one of the nearby campgrounds or RV parks.

Mokins Bay campground sits near the Eastern shore of Hayden Lake. The campground may be small but is nestled in amongst tall pines with a backdrop of whimsical wildflowers. Enjoy the Coeur d`Alene mountains from the comfort of the campground.

Also nearby is the Tamarack RV Park, within the city limits of Coeur d`Alene, but surrounded by pines you can enjoy the feel of camping in the shade of the trees but still keep the convenience of the surrounding city. If you don’t have an RV, consider renting a vacation home here.

Finally, just outside of Hayden sits the Alpine Country Store and RV Park. This park is minutes from the ramp at Honeysuckle beach to have convenient access to the lake. This site is known for its long-term rentals and has large sites with grass between them so that you can enjoy your space.

A Lake to Laze at

Hayden Lake Idaho Coeur d'Alene

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If you want to enjoy the solitude of the lakefront, the Coeur d`Alene mountains, the camping and fishing, Hayden Lake is a prime spot to for some summer fun! 

Enjoy the forest-lined shore or rest beneath the pine canopy of the forest and breath in nature at Lake Hayden, Idaho.

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