August 30

Cosmic Cowboy Healthy That Tastes Great



Cosmic Cowboy is a new and refreshing Restaurant in Coeur d’Alene.



This new restaurant is a cross between a fast food and a cook-it-like-you-want-it Restaurant.  You walk in and stand in a short line and order your food the way you want.  Then go to your table and wait for it to be delivered.  Eat and enjoy with your family and friends and you don’t need to leave a 15% tip.


The owner Steve Eller created this restaurant to please the health conscious COSMIC eaters and the meat and potato COWBOYS.


This is an easy in and easy out casual place to eat that tastes good and you can feel good about a tasty and healthy meal.


Bring your kids, bring your Church group, bring your sports team, bring your work team.  And be happy that you don’t have to spend a car payment to eat a great meal.


Enjoy Coeur d’Alene has labeled Cosmic Cowboy restaurant as an APPROVED local business.

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